At every moment in our lives, we gather files, and some files are just so important that losing them is not an option. We then try to have them secured in a number of storage devices, using our phones, system, flash drives, and some other external storage device.

But then, shit happens. Those files you think you have secured so well can be lost or impossible to retrieve due to careless handling or malfunctioning of devices.

You can, however, take an extra measure to secure your files. Have you heard of Uploadgig?

Uploadgig is a wonderful and superb way of securing your files and retrieving them from any computer anywhere.

Just so you can understand better how Uploadgig works, I will share further details in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.


1. What is Uploadgig?

Uploadgig is a cloud-based storage provider that allows you to keep your essential files and retrieve them right when you need them, anywhere.

2. Why Uploadgig?

Asides the fact that you would not have to worry about carrying a USB stick all around, of which there is a high probability of misplacing it, Uploadgig allows sharing of files that are too large to be sent through emails. With Uploadgig, your important data are perfectly secured as it involves off-site backups. No one will have access to your data unless you share the download link with them.

3. How do I go about registering?

You do not need to register to use Uploadgig.

If you, however, want it, registration is easy and cost-free. Provide your email address and password, and you are good to go. Registering will actually give you additional benefits, and you will be able to download files with unlimited speed.

4. Is Uploadgig free?

Yes, you can use Uploadgig services for free, but if you, however, want to enjoy unlimited storage capacity and a speedy upload and download, you will have to buy a premium plan. The price varies depending on the number of days you are buying.

5. How do I upload files?

Using Uploadgig is easy. Once you have logged in, there is an “Upload file” button you will click on, then you choose the files you want to upload, then click the “Upload” button.

6. How do I download files?

As soon as you upload, you will receive a “download” link, as well as a “delete” link.

7. What kind of flies does Uploadgig allow?

Be it documents, research papers, videos, audios, images, etc.; you can upload any, so far they do not contain pornography, sexual images, or any offensive material.

8. Can I earn money with my Uploadgig account?

Yes. It is termed “Uploadgig Affiliate.” You can store your files up to some limit and share them to generate traffic after registering on their site with a username and password. You will then be put on the “Basic Level.” If you generate the required amount, you will move to the next level. The higher your level, the higher the commission you earn.