uploadgig affiliate

Internet is the best way of earning money. You can earn money in many ways with the help of internet. One off the best way is affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are also called the associate programs which are the arrangements in which a merchant site pays the commission to the affiliate web sites for sending traffic to them. The agreement is based on the people who will be sending the people to the merchant site and with more number of people the traffic to the merchant site increase. With more traffic the merchant site gets benefits and thus they can earn money. They share a part of earned money to the affiliate.

The money is paid when the people reach the banner advertisement of the merchant. A link on the affiliate site brings more traffic to the merchant site and money, the merchant pays as per decide into the agreement. Affiliate programs are the best way in which benefits can be achieved by both the merchant as well as the affiliates. The merchant gets more traffic and its products get sold online and the affiliate earn the part of money earned by merchant. This is the common way in which the affiliate programs work.

Unique affiliate program

Uploadgig affiliate is unique type of affiliate program which allows the user to earn money. Now why it is unique? The reason is that it allows the users to store their files upto some limit on their sites. Moreover the files and folders can also be shared by the users. I am sure you would be surprised on hearing this unique concept. But it’s true. Let us begin form starting. You have to visit the site and as you are new you won’t be allowed to perform any task. So you need to register to the site with a username and password.


Once you have registered you need to verify your account. When you register to uploadgig you enter into the basic level of uploadgig. The basic level allows you to upload and share files upto 2 TB which is quite a good space. The files will remain on the site intact upto 60 days and then they will expire. Moreover the PPS ad rebill rate in basic level is 50% and the payment is 15 days. There are many levels which can be passed by earning money.

Each level has their minimum requirements to qualify into that level. After the basic level, comes bronze level and it has the minimum requirement of 200$. Once you have earned this amount you will directly and easily be transferred from basic to bronze level. Similarly you keep on earning money and your levels will keep on increasing. It is found that uploadgig has the highest return level in the affiliate programs. Moreover eh best part is that they value the customers and accept their suggestions to make further changes. The site developed by uploadgig is 100% self hosted which makes it a reliable site.